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Curtain Cleaning

We Use the Best Industry Practices for Curtain Cleaning

Using only the best cleaning equipment in London, we ensure the best possible results in carpet upholstery and curtain cleaning as well as stain removal.

Currently we do not offer dry cleaning for our customers but this is in our plans to come on line soon.  Our curtain cleaning service will more than meet your expectations and your curtains will be dry in a matter of 2-3 hours – smelling fresh, clean and making the whole room look brighter.

When we are assessing curtains for cleaning we follow our tried and tested steps:

Three Steps:

  • Check Colourfastness,
  • Check Fabric stability
  • Check Age

We have dealt with curtains of all ages from antique window dressings to the most modern of curtains.  We know our stuff and we have the right cleaning material to apply to every kind of fabric imaginable and we know exactly how to handle even the most delicate of fabrics.  If you have ever had your curtains cleaned you will know the improvement it can make to the whole room.   It is something that people often neglect to do, sometimes for years, as curtains rarely appear very dirty.  However years of people smoking and just living, as well as sticky little fingers clutching them, can take their toll.  You would be horrified if you could see the amount of dirt that comes out of curtains that look perfectly clean!

Some of the Reasons That You Should Have Your Curtains Cleaned:

  • Removing deep down accumulated dirt
  • A healthy atmosphere that helps to prevent allergies
  • Leaving your rooms with a fresh smell
  • A more welcoming environment for friends and family

Consider having your curtains cleaned on a regular basis and the curtain-cleaning experts that are Best Cleaning London Ltd. will make sure that the window dressing in your home or office is something that you can always be proud of.  Having curtains regularly cleaned will lend a subtle yet tangible air of sophistication to your home or office and make it a place that people will be drawn to.  If you are considering curtain cleaning in London then make sure you call us first.  Whatever type of window covering you have, from old to new antique to avant-garde it will be safe with our expert cleaning service

  • The earliest curtains were made from animal skins. People living in warmer climates would soak them in water and allow the wind to blow through them creating an air conditioner effect.
  • There is evidence that ancient Egyptians tied reeds together to hang in openings for privacy.
  • At the beginning of the 19th century, many people spoke out against the use of draperies, saying they were too expensive, too dusty, and too hard to make.

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