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Very Practical Cleaning Tricks

Even if you have had your home spring cleaning done already, those clever ideas will be extremely useful for the house keeping and regular house cleaning at any time.

1. Cleaning kitchen cutlery so it sparkles

This simple chemical reaction will make your kitchen cutlery sparkle without damaging it. Just put the cutlery in and alluminium bowl and sip in baking soda. Pour in boiling water as to cover them all. When the dark stains are gone, take the cutlery out and shine them with a cotton cloth.

2. An easy book shelves curtains agains dust

In order to protect your book shelves from dust, fit in canvas bookshelf covers to protect your books, knick-knacks or whatever else you display on your shelves. These covers keep dust and excess light off antique books. You can make your own bookshelf covers with only minor sewing. Use a sturdy canvas fabric and colours or designs you like to match the decor of your house. To make it, measure the width of the book shelf and the distance between the upper end and the shortest book, than cut a sturdy canvas piece with the measurments you have just taken and adding an inch to both sides, fold the bottom and the side edges under ½ inch and pin in place, sew all the way around the three sides to form a hem. Screw in with upholstery nails.

3. Easy furniture replacing

In order to avoid the floor scratching which normally occurs when moving your furniture around, use this simple trick: roll in two dry and clean towels and put it underneath both edges of a chest of drawers for example. Move it to the desired place and remove the towels.

4. Cleaning of a Fabric lampshade

A really good tip for cleaning fabric shades is rub it over with a slice of bread. The dust sticks to it and then just flick over with a dry cloth. Alternatively, use clothes cleaning roller, as it adhesive surface will pick the dust up from the ouside as well as from the inside.

5. Drying up narrow neck bottles from the inside

If you leave them to dry naturally, the water in them will condense along the bottles’ walls and will make the colors to fade. You can easily avoid that by putting in a tight rolled paper towel which reaches 3/4 of the bottle’s bottom.





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