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End of tenancy cleaning services

The process of selling and buying of the property, moving and leaving the rental property is the daily routine for the people and the landlords. If an individual is leaving the apartment, then he wishes to get back his entire deposit from the landlord for which he has to hire professional cleaners to clean his full house. On the other hand, if a landlord is trying to sell the property or trying to rent the apartment, then he has to clean the place. People wish to get the end of tenancy cleaning services which is beneficial for both the tenants and landlords. The end of tenancy cleaning services London is a form of comprehensive cleaning which includes the clean-up of every corner and item of the house. Once the person is ready to move in or move out, he can book service 24 hours before the same.

Best End of tenancy cleaning services | Rug & Carpet Cleaners London

Services included in the London end of tenancy cleaning service.

There are three primary areas kitchen, bathroom and rooms (living and bedrooms) in the house which the cleaners have to clean to complete the end of tenancy cleaning London prices. The workers under this service never finish their work after only cleaning the floors; instead, they focus upon every corner of that particular region. We do clean the other additional areas like parking, stairs but we do not include in the comprehensive. It is essential for you to know how we handle every region of the house properly.


Best End of tenancy cleaning services | Rug & Carpet Cleaners London

  • Thorough cleaning of shower screens and showers including descaling and cleaning.
  • Clean the tiles, including degreasing and cleaning, cleaning and cleaning of the sink.
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Expulsion of trash and defective cleaning items.
  • Deep and nitty-gritty cleaning of toilet and toilet situate, including sterilizing, de-scaling and brushing.
  • To clean the full range of floors and surfaces.


Kitchens cleaning

  • Inside and outside cleaning and finishing all things considered and drawers.
  • Expel all useless junk and sustenance.
  • Extensively clean the sink and taps, including descaling and cleaning.
  • Inside and outside in-depth cleaning of all kitchen apparatuses, including, ice chest defrosting, clothes washer (Inc plate) cleaning, dishwasher cleaning, and cleaning, broiler oil, grime, earth and sustenance stores expulsion, and chrome cleaning.
  • Clearing refuse left in the canisters and cleaning of the floors of the property.

Bedrooms and living rooms

Best End of tenancy cleaning services | Rug & Carpet Cleaners London

  • Extensive cleaning, which incorporates mirrors, chimneys, radiators, window ornament rails, evading sheets, light switches, light fittings, and shades.
  • Proficient floor covering vacuum cleaning to give your property a crisp look
  • Intensive cleaning of spaces behind any furniture which is every now and again dismissed by amateurish cleaners.
  • To clean the various surfaces, including tiles, earthenware production, and windows.
  • To clean any furnishings, including closets, beds, lightings, tables, pictures casings, and any other types of furniture.
  • Guaranteeing flawless and crisp look at everything being equal and lounge rooms.
  • Upholstery vacuum cleaning.

Best cleaning London provides the following advantage in end of tenancy cleaning services.

  • Vast area coverage

London is a big city divided into various parts based on the directions of the city. For example, south London, North London, etc. We do not restrict our service to any one or two locations in this big city; instead, we offer our work in every corner of the town. Our quality of service is the same in all the regions but who have used the end of tenancy cleaning south London service are more inclined towards our work.

Best End of tenancy cleaning services | Rug & Carpet Cleaners London

  • Cost-effective

We have designed a package for the end of tenancy cleaning near London prices which includes everything. We have prepared this price details for the comfort of the people and to help them to make quick decisions. We keep a balance in the cost and the service that we provide. It is not necessary that people have to avail our service under the designed packages. They can customize the same according to their requirement and budget.

  • Professional tools and pieces of equipment available.

Our end to tenancy cleaners visits the site for cleaning along with the vehicle which has everything that they require for the complete process. We do not follow the manual method of cleaning; instead, we have professional tools and cleaning equipment. These advanced machineries help to save precious time and get the desired cleaning result.

  • Service availability

Our booking criteria and the process is straightforward, and there is no time limitation for the same. The best that you will get to see in our service delivery is the time. After your booking is confirmed, our workers will reach the site within 24 hours. It is the maximum time that we have to mention, but sometimes we complete the work of our client on the same day of booking.

Best End of tenancy cleaning services | Rug & Carpet Cleaners London

  • Bonded and insured workers

While the cleaning process, there are chances that the workers might get hurt or injured themselves severely which can lead to an extra medical cost. In this case, the client who is using our service does not need to worry because all the workers of the company have a legal bond and insurance. We will take care of all the medical expense of the workers.

  • Years of experience

We have an experience of 16 years in this industry which means that we are the experts of this department. We have designed our cleaning techniques on our own since the beginning of our company, and End of Tenancy Cleaning Company pros are still following the same with slight changes according to the new machines. We all know that experience brings improvement and success in the report of the work.

  • Green Cleaning practice

Sometimes the areas are filthy, and stain marks are hard which becomes very difficult to remove. There are companies which use chemicals as their cleaning agents to remove such marks. The substances used gives an immediate effect but harms the people around especially the children. We use eco-friendly cleaning products which will never harm any individual irrespective of the age. Keep a check on how much does an end of tenancy cleaning service cost.

It is good to move into a new house or give your property to another for the rent but why should you leave your old house dirty and or rent a filthy house to the newcomers and spoil your status. We know it is a big decision and a very hectic process, but you can transfer your responsibility on our shoulder and move forward with dignity. There will be no one to point fingers at you if you use the service of best cleaning London.